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Les Moutons

Sheep to tend.
A charming collection of vintage ceramic sheep.
Perfect for your Easter tablescape, your Christams Nativity or your farmhouse décor.
Sizes range from about 2-4"
Please note, these little sheep are old and have various imperfections.

I love to know where things came from...these "moutons" are from a Northern Illinois estate.

Close up.

Les Mouton (9 total) are $22.00 plus $7 shipping. SOLD


  1. I love your site,it is awsome,and you have worked really hard on it,I am just a beginner,getting ideas,...I like all of the same stuff that you do,nice to meet you!carol,

  2. Parisienne farmgirl, I am new to your blog, I love everything you have brought here to show us. Very creative! Lovely site........

  3. Your blog is just beautiful! I found you in Artful Blogging and I am already a fan. I have a question: you have some beautiful prints in your blog article in AF hanging on a cord with clothespins. I have searched your site and cannot find anything like them. Can you give me some insight into them? I am a photographer and loved the presentation of those prints. Thanks! Come visit me sometime.....this visit was a treat.